Q.: What makes UrineRx different from other urine odor removers?

A.: UrineRx is simply the best. At 260 billion bacteria count per gallon, UrineRx is the most powerful urine remover on the market. The enzymatic production is the most important factor in the success of UrineRx. UrineRx’s bacteria are specially selected to be the fastest growing bacteria, multiplying very rapidly, quickly exceeding the initial dose.

Q.: Why is UrineRx unique?

A.: There is not just one, but five different Bacillus spore strains. Each produce enzymes for specific food sources within the urine and other organic substances that may be causing foul odors.

Q.: What are Bacterial Enzymes?

A.: Bacterial Enzymes are the catalysts that assist the bacteria in breaking down organic matter. Bacterial Enzymes are produced by specially cultured bacterial strains designed to degrade organic matter via the production specific types of enzymes when activated. The production of these specific types of enzymes only occurs when the bacterial spores come in contact with their food source. The bacterial spores multiply then produce more enzymes which speeds the rate of the chemical reaction that breaks down the organic matter.

Q.: How do Enzymes work?

A.: Enzymes work very much like a lock and key. A key is usually made to fit only one lock. The key can be inserted into different locks, but nothing will happen. Only when the key is used on the specific lock that it was intended for does the lock open. Each specific enzyme is used on a specific food source. That is all that enzyme will break down.

Q.: Are Enzymes safe?

A.: The fact that enzymes are specific in the type of molecule they react with is one of the reasons that enzymes are considered safe to use. Enzymes will not affect anything for which they were not designed. Every living thing produces enzymes. The human body uses over 5000 enzymes to carry our its activities. Major markets for enzymes have been food preparation (such as cheese), beverages, pharmaceutical and textile.

Q.: What type of enzymes are used in UrineRx?

A.: UrineRx enzymes fall into the following classes:

Protease enzymes……………Dissolve Protein Compounds

Uriase enzymes…………… Dissolve Uric Salts

Amylase enzymes………….. Split Starches

Lipase enzymes……………. Attack Grease and Fats

Cellulase enzymes………… Liquefy Fiber

Q.: How much should I apply?

A.: The Bacterial Cultures have to come in contact with the food source to digest it. The affected area needs to be thoroughly saturated to ensure contact. A single application should be enough. However, if the odor persists, reapplication may be necessary.

Q.: How fast will UrineRx work?

A.: Enzymatic reaction would naturally take place within the urine cell, but at a very slow rate. An example is the decay of leaves. If left unaided by enzymes, the leaves would eventually decompose, but at a rate so slow that it would take a very long time. Bacterial Enzymes act as a catalyst, with its role being to dramatically “speed up” the reaction. The UrineRx bacterial spores can multiply at such a rate that they can double in 15 minutes. In extreme foul odor cases, such as skunk odor, the reapplication time may be increased to give even faster results.

Q.: How should I apply UrineRx to carpet?

A.: UrineRx has to come in contact with the urine to break it down. Once you have found the spot, liberally apply UrineRx just as the urine was applied. The urine may have soaked through the carpet to the carpet pad, then to the sub-floor. Work the UrineRx into the carpet as you would shampoo on your hair. Do not blot, leaving the wet spot of UrineRx to do its job. If you are cleaning your carpet, clean the carpet first, and apply UrineRx later after the carpet is dry. Always apply UrineRx directly on the affected area.

Q.: How should I apply UrineRx to furniture:

A.: Upholstered furniture has a thin layer of fabric stretched over an inches-thick layer of pad or cushion. The urine may have penetrated through the fabric into the pad and cushion. Cushion can be made of foam, holding the urine within the “cell” of the foam like a sponge. Squeeze the UrineRx into the cushion for better results.

Q.: How should I apply UrineRx to clothes?

A.: Pour the UrineRx onto the clothes only on the affected areas so as not to waste the product. Let the UrineRx sit on the clothes for up to 30 minutes, then wash as usual.

Q.: Will UrineRx damage fabric?

A.: No; however, very often urine does. Urine has an acid pH and can lighten or darken colors, leaving a stain all its own. UrineRx is not promoted as a stain remover for this reason. However, very often UrineRx can remove urine stains especially if used quickly on the affected area.

It is very important, of course, to blot up as much of the urine on fresh spots as quickly as possible. Then apply UrineRx.