Lab Report

Posted by Chuck Shipp on 5/19/2014 to News
SHIPP CHEMICAL CO., INC. has spent a considerable amount of laboratory hours in research and development to create one of the most comprehensive bacterial/enzyme products in today’s market.

When selecting a bacterial/enzyme/deodorizing product, it is important that overemphasis is not given to bacterial counts. Although SHIPP CHEMICAL’s bacterial product, UrineRx, contains high counts of bacteria, over 260 billion per gallon, it is important to realize that enzymatic production is the most important factor. SHIPP’s bacteria are specially selected to be very fast growing, they will multiply very rapidly, and the numbers of bacteria present will quickly exceed the initial dose. Thus, the number of bacteria in the initial dose quickly becomes irrelevant. Bacteria “fitness” is imperative so the superior cleaning results are achieved with the quick and healthy production of protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase, and uriase enzymes.

The bacterial population, however, cannot increase forever. At some point the food source will be depleted, or some other change in the environment will occur, causing the population to level off or decrease. These changes could be pH, temperature or oxygen content of the environment. Reintroduction of new Bio-Enzymes into the system is then required to maintain the desired level of organic waste degradation.

Enzymes are chemical catalysts that break up long, complex, waste molecules into smaller, simpler pieces. The smaller compounds can be digested directly into the bacteria. Enzymes are not living things, and they cannot grow or reproduce themselves. They are chemical catalysts that are manufactured and used by the bacteria spores in order to aid in the digestion of waste. The growing bacteria will start to produce and use their own enzymes, thus keeping the cycle going.

The following types of exzymes are incorporated in our digestant product, UrineRx:

LIPASE: Breaks down fats and grease
PROTEASE: Breaks down proteins, i.e. urine acid proteins
CELLULASE: Breaks down cellulose
AMYLASE: Breaks down carbohydrates and starches
URIASE: Breaks down uric salts

SHIPP CHEMICAL CO., INC. offers high counts, superb bacteria fitness, elevated conditional resistance, and pricing advantages to ensure quality and competitiveness with our microbiological supported bacterial/enzyme products.